I wish I could say that running for office was the hardest thing I’ve done but it’s not. Raising a toddler is much harder! 😅

But you know what? It was such an amazing experience. And I learned so much from going door-to-door everyday. It’s unbelievable that we had 66 (!!) volunteers who pitched in to sign wave, canvass, make calls, help fund raise, recruit other volunteers. We ran against veteran candidates but still did pretty well as a first-time candidate. We actually placed 2nd in 2 of 3 precincts on election day. And in 1 precinct I was behind by 4 votes! That’s kind of mind-blowing.

My decision to run was driven by the desire to put community and everyday people first. As someone who works in public policy, I see how often decisions get made by our leaders who only care about power and ignore what everyday people have to say. And look where we are today. But know that I will continue the fight, as I have for years, because you matter, and the future of the next generation is at stake.

Thank you everyone who were a part of this campaign. But I owe the most appreciation to my husband and toddler who put their lives on hold for mommy to go meet hundreds of people.

Please stay involved.